The tweed jacket introduced by Coco Chanel has never become an anti-trend or forgotten wardrobe item, but this year it will be a real hit. Wearing a tweed jacket with basic blue jeans will give you an incredibly impressive look that will look expensive.

A tweed jacket is a timeless wardrobe item. She works independently and takes all the attention to herself in the image. Dense fabric adds expensiveness to the jacket, so all looks will automatically look elegant.

Textured double-breasted collarless blazers with showy buttons look great with basic jeans and clean shoes.

In the spring, tweed jackets are a great alternative to bomber jackets or denim jackets thanks to the warm material.

More than 100 years have passed since the appearance of the first tweed jacket, and this versatile and elegant item is becoming more and more popular. Fashion influencers style a milk jacket with black jeans and ballet flats, with a blouse and white pants, or with wide jeans.

Mostly everyone wears ballet flats with bows from Chanel with a jacket and jeans to convey the spirit of the classic look of the French fashion house.

Tweed things ceased to be a monopoly of only the Chanel brand, as many brands began to add it to their collections, however, everyone still associates tweed only with Coco Chanel.

In addition to jeans or trousers, you can complement a tweed jacket with a miniskirt made of the same fabric if you want to create an elegant look.

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