The word oversize is translated from English as “very large size”. From this, you can logically determine what oversized means. This is a deliberate choice of clothing that is an order of magnitude larger than one’s own, or wardrobe items with an emphatically loose, wavy cut.

Who is oversized? This style is chosen by those who adore convenience and simplicity in everyday life. These clothes give an incredible sense of freedom, breaking the norms of a strict silhouette. Such things are characterized by slight carelessness and a hooligan attitude. At the same time, they are stylish and versatile.

In the wardrobe of every fashionista there should be things of oversized size. You can choose them in the catalog of the IssaPlus online boutique. There are women’s coats, jeans, sweaters and many other options of beautiful and fashionable women’s clothing.
Things in the oversize style only seem simply big. Their tailoring technology is unique. Oversize is clothing that is the right size and looks baggy and bulky. This is achieved by increasing individual details: back, pockets, etc.

Such clothes can easily hide extra kilograms in curvy women and emphasize the elegant silhouette of a slim fashionista. Despite this, the oversize clothing style has certain rules:

Choose one thing for the image. Only one element (cardigan, sweatshirt, coat) should be voluminous. This will allow you to play on contrasts. Girls of model parameters with a sense of style can break the rule.
Follow the proportions. A woman’s figure should be recognizable even in oversized clothes. If the top is voluminous, then the bottom is tight, and vice versa. Such a universal combination can be made more interesting if you tuck one edge of an oversized cardigan or shirt into pants, or wear a belt bag over a sweater.
Hide the jewelry. Bijoux and jewelry are not about oversized style. Such outfits are always simple and comfortable. It is better to choose original things: a branded belt or bag, a large knit scarf, a leather backpack, bright sneakers.
Use neutral and pastel colors. Not sure how to choose the right oversize clothes? Make a choice in favor of things in white, beige, gray or black colors or their shades. Muted tones of blue, brown and khaki will be appropriate. Lilac, mint, crimson and other bright colors are more suitable for owners of a slim figure.
Play with textures. Combine smooth fabrics with fluffy ones, rough ones with soft ones.
Now it remains to determine what the oversized size is. Bulky things should be chosen two sizes larger than your own.

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