The women’s clothing online store has dresses for women in every fashion collection, every fashion show. This is not at all surprising, because women’s dresses allow you to create a romantic and elegant bow, as well as a daring and daring one. They can be worn for work, dates, parties or just for a trip to the nearest store.

For your attention, women’s dresses that have left the fashion catwalks and are already dreaming of settling in your closet in 2024. Catch a hot five!

Dresses with frills
In 2024, torochki will decorate not only bags and various accessories. Fashionable skirts, pants, jackets and of course dresses will have this prominent element. Thin threads and fairly thick noodles will appear both on office dresses and on evening dresses.
Dresses with cutouts at the waist
You won’t surprise with a deep neckline and an open back. Therefore, designers offer a new solution for bold beauties – a dress with cutouts in the press area and on the sides. Such spicy models will be to the liking of slender and athletic girls.
Dress with black lace
Lace is not only an element of underwear or boudoir clothing. In the 2024 season, openwork evening dresses from the red carpets of fashion catwalks will move into the wardrobe of sensitive and brave women. And translucent lace will make the image seductive and even sexy.
Cape dresses
If in 2020 the cape was an element of fashionable coats and raincoats, then in 2024 the cape appeared on dresses. Such models of maxi or midi length make the image royally majestic and graceful.
Dress with a turn-down collar
In the current year, stylish blouses with a turn-down collar were a fashion trend. Openwork or strict collars came to the liking of world designers so that they endowed fashionable dresses with this element. Reminiscent of a school uniform makes the image quite restrained and elegant at the same time.

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