Yellow color in clothes is a symbol of joy, energy and optimism. It attracts attention, lifts the mood and gives the image brightness and freshness. However, many are afraid to include yellow in their wardrobe, fearing that it may be too bold or difficult to combine.
Shades of yellow in clothes can be both a decoration and a challenge in the wardrobe, depending on your color type. So, the Spring color type, which is characterized by light skin with a warm shade, light or golden hair and light eyes, will be perfectly combined with warm shades of yellow. Especially representatives of this color type should pay attention to lemon, golden honey shades of yellow. These colors emphasize the freshness and warm brightness of Spring, making images more cheerful and radiant.

If we talk about the color type of Summer, then softer and colder shades of yellow are more suitable for its representatives, for example, lemon cream, sand, light mustard or it can be a pastel yellow T-shirt. They will add lightness and softness to Lit’s image, without drawing too much attention to themselves.

As for the Autumn color type, saturated and warm shades of yellow suit these people: mustard, corn yellow, dark honey yellow sundress and the like will emphasize the natural warmth and depth of Autumn, making images cozy and expressive.

The winter color type has a contrasting appearance with cold skin tones, dark hair and bright eyes, so it is not surprising that bright and rich shades of yellow suit them. This includes bright lemon, cool canary and even an electric yellow dress. These colors create a strong contrast, emphasizing the drama and brightness of Winter, making the images more daring and effective.

If you are confused by the abundant combination with yellow in clothes, start with accessories – scarves, bags, shoes. Also, combine it with neutral colors. If we talk about what the yellow color is combined with in clothes, it is basic white, gray, beige. Next, we will consider in more detail what color goes with yellow in clothes, so that you can create the desired image without fail.

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