The versatile linen shirt has long been an unshakable classic of men’s wardrobe, but now women cannot do without it.
Due to the density of the fabric, such a shirt can be worn even in cool weather, wearing it together with a cardigan or coat and with straight jeans. And on the hottest days, linen clothes will become an indispensable ally, because they can be worn both in a stuffy city and on a sun-baked beach. In addition, the facts speak for themselves: linen is the best fabric for summer, which allows the body to “breathe” better than cotton and is much more durable than temperamental silk.

How to care for a linen shirt?
Because linen is a fairly strong and dense fabric, items made from it can be thrown into the machine and washed in cold water. However, hand washing is always a best practice that will extend the life of any garment. Also, linen fabric absorbs moisture well, so a quality item made of this material will become more adapted to your body with each wash.

How to wear a linen shirt?
Break all the rules you’ve heard about how to wear linen. Wear a linen shirt in winter; wear it over a T-shirt with pants to the office; tuck her into a skirt for a date. In short, wear it however you like.

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